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Sustainable seafood from the
remote wilderness in southern Tasmania

Peter & Frances Bender have farmed Huon salmon & Huon ocean trout in the pristine waters surrounding their farming property at Hideaway Bay since 1986. Their goal is simply to provide the best product, and their commitment to preserve the pristine marine environment around Tasmania to achieve that goal is inspiring.

Peter & Frances Bender

Tasmanian Salmon is earning a global reputation for best quality, along with world leading sustainability practices and environmental research investment. The consistent supply of premium quality fish to the Pure South kitchen is incredible.


The only dish on Pure South Dining menu that has survived a full year, due to the near-cult following:
‘Smoked Huon Ocean Trout taco, finger lime, avocado’


The only breakfast dish that has survived the full year at P.S.Bar+Kitchen, for the same reason:
‘Cured Huon Ocean Trout croissant, poached free-range egg, red pepper soubise, freshwater salmon roe’

Huon Salmon is featured on our pre-Tennis menus and continues to feature on our A La Carte menus in 2018.